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cafe . Pattani - The R.I.P. Cafe

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The R.I.P cafe by owner-artist Anis Nagasevi. Located in downtown Pattani. His wood carving captures the faces of ordinary people affected by the insurgency.

I was here for a quick rest stop before heading to Ipoh, Malaysia. I will be back here again to chill when I head north. Overcome your perception and see South Thailand in a different light...

“For me, the name R.I.P. is an open-ended word that could be interpreted in different ways," said Anis. “While the word is widely used for death and tragedy, for me it's 'Rest in Pattani', which is actually something more positive."

GPS : 6.858668, 101.251687 | 6°51'31.6"N 101°15'06.9"E | Google Map