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dine . Trang - Trang Moo Yang . ตรังหมูย่าง

If you are passing or in Trang and are hungry, just a short distance away from Tubtieng Oldtown Cafe is the Trang Moo Yang. As the name implies, they serve Kor Moo Yang, which is a Thai grilled pork (คอหมูย่าง).

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The shop is an old shop house and likely you will zoom pass and missed the location. Just keep a lookout for their mascot. A poor grilled pork spread out at the shop front. Beside the grilled pork that you should try, they too served Dim Sum. Though don't expect it to be the same standard as your regular Cantonese or Hong Kong dim sum restaurant. It's Thai flavoured and are passable.

Trang Moo Yang ตรังหมูย่าง
Na Ta Luang, Mueang Trang District, Trang 92000, Thailand
Hours : 06:00- 13:00

GPS : 7.567338, 99.605793 | 7°34'02.4"N 99°36'20.9"E | GoogleMap