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Hello there!

This community [forum] is newly added after some period of procrastination.
I only have so many stories to tell, and even lazier to pen [key] them down.
So why not a place here where we can hear from you.

This community will be built over time, slowly but surely.
While I am not targeting it to grow into a large community.
A few light minded fellow to share with is more than adequate.
Less is more.
Just keep within the usual netiquette and we all will be fine.
But avoid 'chatting' between individuals within the forum.
There are much better apps for these, likely you already have.

For now I will keep it simple and tidy for overland traveling community.
In any wheels, from any part of the world.

Lets hear stories from you!


Since you found your way here.
Drop by to say Hi! and make an introduction of yourself and your ride!

We cannot wait for you to share your story here!


14 dec19 - Google and Facebook login enabled