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route . Chiang Mai - Samoeng Loop

One of the riding route recommend by a Chiang Mai bikers I met while on my way to Pai - the Samoeng Loop.

[caption id="attachment_1338" align="alignnone" width="702"] Viewpoint without a view on a misty morning.[/caption]

It can be done in half a day, and in either direction. I'm an early rider, so unfortunately most of the coffee shops and attractions are still closed while I'm looping. So time yourself if you want to visit any of the attractions.

Starting and ending in Chiang Mai. The route is less than 100km long and passing through Mae Rim, Mae Sa Valley and Samoeng town. There are many attractions, scenic views and coffee stops along the way, even plenty of resorts to stay for the night if you wish.

Resource :

Expand the Google map below and you will find some recommend stops and attractions.
Feel free to share the maps, or suggestion any recommended stops.