Motorcycling around Sabah during my break is fun!
While since I’m there, why not add diving & trekking to the list.

And the result is a 4 months preparation for the conquest :

The Depth, Plain & Altitude of Sabah.Depth – The final dive spot wasn’t my first choice. first the Layang-layang is off season. and the other popular destination like Labuan and Sipadan was practically out-of-reach for a single diver like me (according to the tour operator). The ‘Min 2 to go’ rules never helps.But I need to conquer the depth, otherwise I would not achieve what I set out to do. and thanks to Janet of Sabah Divers, I manage to pack with 2 stranger to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. It’s only 15mins ride from Kota Kinabalu. Nothing to shout about regarding the dives. Especially compare to my last dive at Qiandao Lake. The only worth watching are the 2 ladies diving with me…

Plain – Am I risking my life ? Here I am, only my 2nd time sitting on a moving bike on a public road after I got my license more than a year ago in Singapore. And now I’m going on a 1157km journey with a third of it off road and the other half on a unpaved road and in a foreign country! Sounds like an Adventure to me!

Altitude – Mount Kinabalu. it’s about 15 years since I last intended to climb this mountain. And no thanks to the Indonesian forest fire then, the last trip was cancelled. But not this time. The highest peak in South-East-Asia (4095.2m) and being a South-East-Asian myself, I know I have to scale this at least once in my current lifetime. And yes, I’ve already scaled the highest peak in Singapore, Bukit Timah Hill at 166m.

and lastly, all these are only possibly with arrangment made by these friendly operators

now straight to the video…