about . me . note

  • a personal travel notes almost forgotten
  • a recollection of past trips, on or off the saddle but definitely more fun with the wheels!
  • random thoughts rediscovered in neglected photos folders & notes, accumulated over time since departure at the end of journey, waiting to be extracted out of my memories till now… or who knows when?
  • ardent reader and collector of adventure travel books and motorcycle documentary, enough for some to collect dust and waiting to be unseal.
  • note to self : at some point… stop reading (and watching) , pack up and write ride your own…

“don’t just read , ride your own”

don’t just read . ride your own – was the tagline to myself until 4th June 2017.
embarking on the next phase of my riding & traveling journey. I will need a new slogan to inspire my stories ahead …

“every story . has a journey”

It has been a tough years for travelers. The pandemic confined us with our own border and make us losing direction in our very own comfort zone. Perhaps this is a good time to reflect and comtemplate the road we’ve pass and the journey ahead…

I will be retiring this tagline on 14th September 2021 and advocate an old quote of mine. It just fits the right moment we are confronting right now.

“getting lost is just another discovery”