If you have riding stories to share, intend to start your own blog and need a trying out, or already have an existing blog and need another channel of exposure (Not much traffic I can generate for you here… yet!).

Read on…

Riding or just traveling is one form of escape… to discovery. And writing, I prefer this term than ‘blogging’, guess it is more proper than ‘typing’, is to relive the moment of one’s rides. And to learn more about the people and places one came upon.

Your Story ?

Stories about the places, people, culture, festival you encounter during your ride. Because not everything happens while you are on the saddle. Not every town are the same, and every one of us have a different experience even in the same town.

Stories are not limited to just two-wheeler. One of my yet-to-be-fulfilled dream is to do a tour on a Bajaj (Indonesia) [aka Tuk-Tuk (Thailand) or Rickshaw (India)] and with a Piaggio Ape (Italy).

If you made an overland trip or fly-and-ride with any wheels – from monobike to 24 wheeler. Tell us your story.

Take photos ?

They speaks a thousand word. Visual of the places, people, cultural events, encounters you are telling in your stories. Cap your selfie or wefie please! and avoid bikefie overload  (I myself is a guilty perpetrator, especially when one ride solo).

Do you speak ?

All languages.
Written and voiced are beautiful creation in this part of our universe. At best! We can understand the language of your pictures!

Get featured!

Yup. every deserved and inspiring stories will be worthy to be on the main page.

More ?

I’m trying not to dictate your story, but surely some more ‘style’ will be added here in order to fit the model I envisioned for this page.
At this point, I am more curious about the respond and how this idea will pan out.

Let’s see…

This community will be built over time, slowly but surely.
While I am not targeting it to grow into a large community. A few like minded fellow to share with is more than adequate.

Less is more.

Just keep within the usual netiquette and we all will be fine.
But avoid ‘chatting’ between individuals within the community forum.
There are much better apps for these.

For now I will keep it simple and tidy for overland traveling community.
In any wheels, from any part of the world.

Lets hear stories from you!

Since you found your way here.
Drop by to give a bikers wave! and make an introduction of yourself and your ride!
We cannot wait for you to share your story right here!

Or contact us if you prefer to discuss in private.

Thank you!