Continuing my ‘experiment’ to tell a adventure riding with my Polaroid.
This is the 2nd cartridge of my expired instant film. It is suppose to be a colour film!

Our Pangi Valley trip ends in Dharamshala, on the outskirt. With the bike for myself (courtesy of Ride of My Life), finally I can have a solo time. I decided to head out of the glamarous hotel we are staying, situated in a hill. Comfy but situated far away from the heart of Dharamshala, not my type of choice when on adventure travelling. I head right into the centre of activities – McLeod Ganj. To immerse myself into the sight, sound, smell and flavour it can offer.

McLeod Ganj is a crowded and crammed town. Just when I thought I have left the challenge behind in Pangi Valley. But here I have to roll and climb the extremely steep incline road to look for my hotel, twice I missed the narrow turn and I find myself circling back on the one way street and steep slope of Temple Road and Jogiwara Road, all the while swaying between the crowd, dogs and taxis. But It was memorable and fun. That is what I’m here for…

Kalachakra Temple, a temple rich in Tibetan art and architecture. Sandwiched in between the crowded street and congested shops. Contains a large and smaller prayer wheels that surrounds the temple and accessible from both side facing the market street.

Located along the Temple Road, near to the entrance of the H.H.The Dalai Lama Temple. This seems to be a popular spot among the Buddhist monks and nuns. Have a coffee or pastry here and in no time you will find yourself surrounded by saffron robed hipster.

View of McLeod Ganj taken from the premise within H.H.Dalai Lama Main Temple. Security was very tight when I entered, Not sure if I can take any photos, but I managed to sneak one here. Later I learned only during the Dalai Lama’s lecture that all phone and laptop are not allowed.

After three days stay in the main busty area of McLeod Ganj, I decided to randomly switch location to stay in Bhagsu Nag. Here I can found out Hippie is still Hip. Braided hair and stone-faced travelers. It a stark contrast to the main market though it is just 2km apart. I don’t look quite fit in but I enjoyed my short time here. I like the pace and the vibe of the people around. But my hotel was bad, mouldy room and it rains all day. I decided to switch to Naddi the next day, another nearby village.

The place I stayed in Nandi is yet another contrast. The place forbid loud talking, and encourage quietness and meditation. Just what I need for a day and night away from the crowd. Before my ride back to Manali and start my Spiti Valley trip.

Spiti Valley

The Polaroid section of the Spiti Valley part did not happen!
The constant vibration of the bike must have taken it’s toll on the camera or the cartridge, I hope it’s only the latter.

On the first day, in Jolari Pass, where I wanted to take my first shot. The loaded film jammed. These last two film are suppose to be reserved for my ride from Dharamshala to Manali. But the bike broke down and I spent my time looking for a mechanic and totally forgotten about it. And the worst part is, in order to travel light, I mistakenly packed my last cartridge of Polaroid film together with other non-essential stuff and left it in the hotel.

I just have to store my Spiti Valley ride moment in my memories, and back to phone and action camera footage.