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In a future shaped by AI, our creativity is no longer confined to traditional methods like handcraft, industrial workshops, or electronical desktops. With AI serving as a tool to aid rather than replace our creative process. While the generated output may not fully match our vision, it can expand our possibilities, much like how motorcycles enable exploration beyond the limits of our feet. Ultimately, it's our ingenuity that determines how far these tools can take us.

Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you everywhere.

Albert Einstein


/Imagine the legendary Hell Riders of Singapore’s past still roaring through the streets today. How would they be perceived and how might they have evolved over time? Would they maintain their rebellious spirit or adapt to the changing urban landscape? As we explore this concept, we envision a modern resurgence that pays homage to their legacy while embracing the future of riding.

The OL’G

Often mistakenly dubbed as “The Original Gangsters,” these seasoned riders prefer to go by “The Old Gangsters” or simply “Ol’ G.” In their rebellious teenage years, they thundered through the streets as notorious Hell Riders. Now, having weathered the sands of time and still kicking side stands, they’ve shed their wild ways, embracing a more mature approach to riding. Engaging in charity rides, they channel their passion for motorcycles to make a positive impact in their community. On weekends, you’ll find them cruising not for the thrill of rebellion, but for the simple joy of the open road and the delightful destination of shared good food among aging friends. United by their shared history, they navigate life’s twists and turns with established camaraderie and a deep appreciation for the freedom that riding brings.

Rosli, once a wild teenager riding with the notorious Hell Riders, has since found a revived passion for motorcycles in his golden years. Now retired, he spends his days maintaining his vintage bike and participating in charity rides and weekend excursions up north. Despite his rebellious past, Rosli is known for his kind heart and active involvement in the biking community, offering free tune-ups and repairs to fellow riders. Beyond biking, he enjoys gardening and spending time with his grandchildren, imparting lessons of responsibility and respect both on and off the road.

Hamzah, a retired civil servant, leads a group of lifelong friends in their 60s, including Wai Seng, Yusof, Raj, Zainab, and Ramesh. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they share a love for adventure and camaraderie. In retirement, they spend their days exploring Singapore’s cultural landmarks, organizing charity events, and embarking on weekend road trips across and beyond the island, reliving their youth on the open road while cherishing the bonds of friendship that have stood the test of time.

In their retirement, Steven Lim and his close-knit group of friends indulge in their shared passions for motorcycles and culinary delights. Venturing to Thailand on frequent trips, they immerse themselves in the country’s diverse cuisine and vibrant culture while exploring on their bikes. Led by Steven’s adventurous spirit, the group includes Peter, the skilled photographer documenting their culinary adventures, Leong, the food enthusiast with a talent for discovering hidden culinary gems, and Michael, the tech-savvy member who ensures seamless navigation on their journeys. United by their love for motorcycles, food, and exploration, they form an inseparable bond as they enjoy their golden years together.

Othman’s journey reflects the transformation from the divisive past of Singapore’s racial riots to a vision of unity and inclusivity. As a former member of a monoethnic motorcycle gang, he witnessed the fractures within society firsthand. However, with maturity came a deep understanding of the need for harmony. Inspired by his love for motorcycles, Othman founded the “Unity Riders,” a group aimed at uniting people from all backgrounds. Now in his golden years, he continues to share his message of camaraderie and respect with the next generation of riders, emphasizing the importance of bridging cultural divides both on and off the road.

Yoon leads a group of retirees who hit the road on weekends, venturing to Malaysia, for exhilarating day rides and the joys of culinary exploration. As an avid motorcycle food blogger, Yoon not only revels in the scenic landscapes but also seeks out hidden culinary treasures along their route, documenting their gastronomic adventures for his followers. Inspired by Yoon’s passion, his buddies have embraced motorcycling in their later years, joining him on epic weekend escapades filled with camaraderie and gastronomic delights.


“The Rebourn” is a motorcycle group that embodies the essence of rebirth and renewal. Originating from the legendary Hell Riders, this group has taken a different path to riding, embracing a flamboyant and joyous approach to life on two wheels. Shedding the rebellious ways of their past, they have reinvented themselves with colorful outfits and modified motorcycles that make a statement of happiness and fun. For them, riding is not just about speed and adrenaline; it’s about spreading friendship and camaraderie through the shared love of motorcycling. Each ride is a celebration of life, filled with laughter and adventure. With The Rebourn, every journey is an opportunity to rediscover the joy of living and the bonds of true friendship.

Ah Ming, once a spirited Hell Rider in his younger days, has since found a new passion for expressing himself through his unique sense of style, both in his attire and the customization of his beloved motorcycle. Nowadays, you can often find him cruising around the island on his bike, with his eyes glued to his phone, hunting for elusive Pokémon. With his flamboyant persona and iconic presence on social media, Ah Ming has unwittingly risen to prominence, now embodying the elusive allure of the rarest Pokémon that everyone hopes to ‘catch’ with their mobile phone cameras.

Hui Yan, fondly known as Mdm Lam, had a daring spirit in her youth, riding pillion with her Hell Rider boyfriend. However, as the years passed, her love for motorcycles only grew stronger, and she eventually took up riding herself. Now in her 60s, Mdm Hui leads an active lifestyle, often seen cruising the streets on her own motorcycle, her hair flying freely in the wind. She enjoys exploring new routes around the island and occasionally ventures on group rides with friends who share her passion for the open road. Despite her age, Mdm Hui exudes a youthful energy and continues to embrace the thrill of motorcycling with enthusiasm.

Chris Lee, now in his 60s, may appear stern at first glance, but beneath his serious demeanor lies a heart of gold. Once a wild Hell Rider in his youth, Chris has since transitioned into a successful businessman, leaving behind the rebellious days of his past. Despite his busy schedule, Chris dedicates much of his time to supporting local orphanages, where he is known for his kindness and generosity. He often visits the children, bringing them gifts and organizing activities to brighten their days. In his free time, Chris enjoys indulging in his passion for photography, capturing the beauty of nature during his travels around the world. Despite his age, Chris remains an active member of his community, using his influence and resources to make a positive impact wherever he goes.

Meet Raj, a vibrant Singaporean Indian motorcyclist in his 60s, now enjoying retirement after decades of dedicated work. Raj founded the “Mamak Racer”, as opposed to the iconic Cafe Racer culture in the UK. Known for his flamboyant style and jovial personality, Raj is a beloved figure among club members. Despite his age, he exudes energy and enthusiasm, always ready to crack a joke and lift spirits. Raj’s main focus with the club is promoting safety riding practices among young bikers, ensuring that the next generation of riders can enjoy the road responsibly. With his infectious laughter and genuine love for motorcycles.

Rajesh sustained a knee injury during his days as a Hell Rider. Despite the setback, his passion for cruising never waned. Now, unable to ride a traditional motorcycle, he eagerly awaits the arrival of his customised trike, determined to reignite his love for the wheels. In the meantime, he cruises around on his PMA, eagerly anticipating the day he can once again feel the wind in his hair and the thrill of the ride.


Born out of economic necessity and inspired by the global allure of motorcycle culture, this eclectic group of riders emerged in the vibrant streets of Singapore. Coming of age in the 1980s to 2000s, they found themselves drawn to motorcycles as a pragmatic alternative to the soaring costs of car ownership in the city-state. Yet, their journey into the world of biking was not solely fuelled by financial considerations; they were captivated by the romanticism and adventure depicted in iconic documentaries like “Riding Solo to the Top of the World” and “Long Way Round.” Influenced by imported motorcycle cultures from far-flung corners of the globe, these riders found themselves navigating the cosmopolitan landscape of Singapore, seeking to carve out their own identity amidst a melting pot of cultures. Though still in search of their unique path, they ride with a sense of curiosity, exploration, and the shared camaraderie of fellow riders, as they weave their stories into the tapestry of the world.

Shawn and his friends share a deep love for scooters and the freedom they offer. Every weekend, they can be found cruising around the island, exploring new neighborhoods and scenic spots. Despite their passion for riding, they harbor a lingering fear of venturing beyond the familiar borders of Singapore. However, they eagerly anticipate the day when they’ll summon the courage to embark on an epic journey across the causeway to Johor, eager to experience the thrill of riding in new territories and expanding their horizons.

Meet Sebastian, a vibrant and outgoing Singaporean of Indian descent. Known for his lively personality and adventurous spirit, Sebastian is always on the move, exploring every nook and cranny of the island in search of excitement and attention. With his infectious energy and charm, he effortlessly draws people to him wherever he goes, leaving a trail of laughter and joy in his wake. Whether he’s sampling street food at hawker centers or dancing to the rhythm of the city, Sebastian’s zest for life is truly contagious, making him a beloved figure in the local community.

Introducing the “Wanderlust Riders,” an adventure motorcycle club comprising thrill-seekers who live for the open road and the journey beyond. Led by their intrepid leader, Mark, these riders embark on epic journeys across Malaysia to Thailand, venturing even further to explore the rugged terrains of Laos and Cambodia. With a passion for adventure and a spirit of camaraderie, the Wanderlust Riders conquer new horizons, forging unforgettable memories along the way.

Meet Jack and Emily, two passionate off-road motorcycle riders who find their thrill in the rugged terrains of Johor’s plantations. Jack, with his rugged charm and years of riding experience, leads the way, navigating through the challenging trails with ease. Emily, on the other hand, brings a sense of adventure and fearlessness to the duo, always eager to conquer new obstacles and push the limits of their off-road adventures. Together, they share a deep love for the freedom of the open trail and the adrenaline rush of tackling untamed terrain, making memories that will last a lifetime with each weekend excursion.

With a passion for motorcycles that runs deep in her veins, Sofia finds solace and joy in the thrill of riding her bike to work on sunny days, feeling the wind in her hair and the warmth of the sun on her skin as she navigates the bustling streets of the city. Her love for motorcycles stems from her childhood in Italy, where she grew up surrounded by the rich culture and heritage of motorcycling. Now, living in Singapore, Sofia brings a touch of Italian flair to the streets, effortlessly blending her love for riding with the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the city. Whether she’s zipping through traffic or exploring the scenic routes on the outskirts of town, Sofia’s passion for motorcycles shines through in every ride she takes.


“Xpextrum” represents a new generation of motorcycle enthusiasts, born after the 2000s, who celebrate diversity in all its forms. Embracing inclusivity across all social spectrums, this group breaks down barriers and welcomes all who share a passion for motorcycles. They understand the importance of appearances, taking pride in both their personal style and the meticulous upkeep of their motorcycles. For them, riding is not just about conquering rough terrain; it’s about seeking out the perfect backdrop for their next social media post. With an eye for aesthetics and a love for adventure, Xpextrum riders navigate the roads with an awareness of both their own image and the next trending destination.

Aiman, a 2 wheeler enthusiast with a passion for cruising the streets on his bike. Always sporting a smile, Aiman enjoys the exhilaration of riding through the city as he meets up with friends for weekend adventures. With his charming personality and love for two-wheeled journeys

Meet the twin brothers, Alex and Ryan, whose lives have taken divergent paths but are united by their love for motorcycling and a vibrant party lifestyle. Alex, the elder of the two, has found success as a model, gracing the covers of magazines and walking the runways of fashion capitals. Meanwhile, Ryan has delved into the world of cryptocurrency, leveraging his analytical mind to navigate the volatile digital market. Despite their contrasting careers, both brothers find solace and excitement in the roar of their motorcycles as they tear through city streets or embark on impromptu road trips.

Meet Lucas, a nocturnal artist who finds his muse under the shimmering lights of the night. Renowned for his vibrant and expressive artworks, Lucas shuns the conventional use of black, preferring to infuse his creations with a riot of colors that mirror the kaleidoscope of emotions within him. By day, he navigates the corporate world with ease, but as night falls, he sheds his business attire for a leather jacket and hops onto his motorcycle, the rumble of its engine heralding his arrival at the hottest parties in town.With his magnetic presence and disdain for conformity, Lucas is a beacon of creativity in a world colored by shades of monotony.

Meet Bellamira, a vision of elegance and adventure wrapped in leather and lace. With a passion for fashion and a taste for the high life, Bella is far from your average motorcyclist. She effortlessly glides through life with grace and style, her motorcycle serving as a sleek extension of her chic persona. Always outward-looking, Bellamira thrives on exploring new horizons, both on and off the road. As an enthusiastic documentarian of her own journey, she shares her glamorous escapades with millions of adoring fans on OnlyFans, offering them a tantalizing glimpse into her world of luxury and excitement. With her magnetic charm and boundless ambition, Bella shines brightly in the realm of motorcycling, inspiring others to embrace their passions and seize every moment while youth lasts.

Niza, a spirited young girl whose love for motorcycling was sparked by her brother’s passion. Growing up as a bit of a tomboy, Niza always felt more comfortable mingling with the boys, finding freedom in expressing herself outside the confines of her conservative upbringing. With the wind in her hair and the rumble of the engine beneath her, she feels a sense of liberation and empowerment that transcends societal expectations. Through motorcycling, Niza embraces her true self and the thrill of the ride, carving her own path in a world filled with endless possibilities.


In a near distant future…

Taanmay takes control of the manual mode as they ride along the minor road.

Otherwise known as “Quantoriders,” this generation of riders embraces self-driving vehicles, with petrol engines replaced by electric hybrids powered by renewable energy sources due to the depletion of fossil fuels. Expressways and major roads are centrally managed by the road department, with speed limits and traffic regulated and coordinated by a Traffic AI system. Route to destination and speed variations during peak or non-peak hours are also managed by the system, marking an end to human-error accidents and traffic congestion. Expressways are equipped with dynamic charging or roadway charging infrastructure, allowing electric vehicles to charge while in motion and reducing reliance on traditional charging stations. Riders simply select their destination and preferred riding mode, whether it’s cruise, speed, or scenic routes.

Expressways are lane into slow, cruise, and speed lanes, with corresponding road usage charges determined by the chosen option. Motorists have the flexibility to adjust their lane selection at any point during their journey, while lane overtaking and splitting remain coordinated by the Central AI. All this is made possible without rider intervention. This automation allows the self-balancing and driven motorcycles, to enable riders to keep their hands and feet free until they reach minor roads, where manual control resumes. While some may question whether these advancements compromise the essence of riding, Quantoriders prioritise safety over thrill-seeking.

With human-induced accidents minimised, the necessity for personal protective gear is reduced, except for protection from the elements of nature. Motorcycles can now travel at faster speeds, subject to traffic conditions, but are limited by the capabilities of the rubber tires, which are centrally monitored to prevent accidents.

Drone vehicles and aerial highways are still in their infancy, with regulatory frameworks and widespread adoption yet to be fully established. Quantoriders harbour disdain for Drone Bikes due to their cumbersome design and ear-piercing screeching noise emissions, as well as their restricted range and the lengthy intervals required for recharging.

Spatial computing has rendered mobile computing obsolete, offering users customised information screens accessed through eye tracking and gestures, coupled with MMI (mine-machine interface) rather than traditional finger tapping. Weather forecasts, breaking news, social media updates, drive recordings, and location sharing are seamlessly integrated into the interface. Payment for lane usage options is facilitated through cryptocurrency. Additionally, border crossings are streamlined, with biometric systems and identification stored within the helmet visor facilitating seamless passage through checkpoints.

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