The Plains of Jars, the mysterious stone jars scattered around the upper valleys and the lower foothills of the central plain of the Xiangkhoang plateau. Archaeologist studies concluded that these megalithic jars were associated with prehistoric burial practises.
There are 3 popular sites near to Phonsavan. Having an interest in prehistoric relics, this was one of my goto places in Laos. The most popular one being site 1 with more than a few hundred scattered jars.

Plain of Jar . site 1

Lost in Laos
Getting Lost is just another Discovery

To Plain of Jars site 2 and lost in …

What was suppose to be a short journey to site 2 transpire to a merry-go-round around the valley.
My intended GPS mapping was somehow lost in my Garmin. Instead I was shown a shortest route which is non existent or non-passable. My attempt to find my way manually only create for confusion.
Until my morning hours come to an end and I have to return to my hotel to pack for my next destination.
However as always, I did enjoy getting lost somewhere and was rewarded with unintended experience, as always…