Ban Krut, lies within Bang Saphan district of Prachap Khiri Khan provinice, is a tranquil and peaceful beach town. Depending on which romanized Thai name you find – Baan Grood, Baan Krood, this is the place to chill for the night. The name is derived from a non edible bergamots – Makrut in Thai that was plentiful but now coconuts and casuarina trees lined the long beach.

This is not a place for activities if you are looking for any, but a place to sit by the cafe catching up with your thoughts and staring into the horizon beyond the sea line. That is all I need to do for the rest of the day, During the off season that I was here, I am the only guest in the resort and nearby restaurant. But you will find local tourist or nearby resident coming in the cooler evening for their seafood dinner and karaoke right on the sandy beach. Making friend and strolling along the beach with stray dogs looking to find a new owner is the order of the day.


Wat Thang Sai วัดทางสาย – is probably the biggest attraction here. Perched above a hill with a stunning view of Gulf of Thailand and the coastline within, seated a golden Buddha. Except for the UNESCO site and historical temples, I don’t usually visit the newer temple for some debatable reasons. But this Wat have a very simplistic and minimal design approach to the Buddha image that differentiate itself from the rest of Thai-Buddhist image. My interest in various religious influence on cultural design and its development lured me here. And it is obvious Siddhārtha Gautama is fighting a losing battle to be an icon to his teachings, though he did it for the first 500 years from his Nirvana. But that will be a topic for another day…

Bankrut Green View is the place I stayed. namely for the parking within the compound right in front of you chalet and the concentration of seafood restaurant just next door. But when I was there during the afternoon, only the Baan Num Neua Bar next door was open. the resort’s own restaurant and cafe was closed for the season. But in the evening, the seafood restaurant was open to a small local crowd, dining and karaoke right on the beach. Yup… Life’s a beach here!


Ban Krut Beach is one of my recommended pit-stop to stay while exploring West Thailand. There are many other guesthouse and higher end resort you can find here. But when you riding jacket almost smells like you socks, I just need a decent place to throw my laundry without inviting dis-tasting stares from other guest…

Whether it’s guesthouse or upper range resort. You can search for other accomodation in Ban Krut here.


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